Exhaust Cutting Metal Pipe / Tube Chain Cutter 19mm - 83mm TE035

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Cuts thick and thin walled pipe from 3/4" to 31/4" in diameter (roughly from 19mm to 83mm).

Perfect to for cutting most types of pipework.

Suitable for stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised steel, copper and aluminium pipes.

Suitable for areas with limited access, simply put the chain around the tube.

Excellent for cutting pipes where a normal pipe cutter could not get in because of restricted access.

Multiple wheels give a fast cut. Sometimes only 1/4 of a turn is required for a complete cut.

New diameter 19mm cutters to eliminate bottoming out.

Cutting wheels on every pivot for smooth tracking.

Keep chain oiled for trouble free use, year after year.

Cushioned grip.

Cuts pipe up to 3mm thick.

Cutting chain with specially hardened pinion type cutters.