Extra Long Double Ended Ring Spanner Aviation Wrench 8mm - 19mm 5pc Set

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability

Metric sizes ranging from 8mm 19mm

Extra long design is perfect for when you need extra leverage or for restricted access into awkward areas for example on cambelts etc...

Extra long slim shafts

Double ended ring spanner so one spanner has 2 rings with different sizes

The ring head of the spanner extends out from the shaft on one side and sits flush with the shaft on the other side to allow you to reach awkward nuts and bolts and prevents damage to hands and knuckles.

Double hex ring spanner on either side (so 12 sided ring spanner)

Set Includes; Sizes

1 x double ended ring spanner 8mm x 10mm (total length 234mm

1 x double ended ring spanner 11mm x 13mm (total length 328mm

1 x double ended ring spanner 14mm x 15mm (total length 368mm

1 x double ended ring spanner 16mm x 17mm (total length 408mm

1 x double ended ring spanner 18mm x 19mm (total length 408mm

Comes in a tool roll for easy storage and transportation