Eyelets And Snap Ring Fastener Assortment Kit Punching + Riveting Set 275pc

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Professional Eyelets and snap fastener assortment for commercial or occasional use

275pc eyelets and snap fastener assortment

Eyelet and snap ring fastener

No need to punch holes in your work prior to fastening

18 interchangeable punch and die heads

Works exactly like a pair of mole grips

Suitable for installing as well as removing the rivets as well

Can clamp up to a maximum dimension (diameter) of up to 1/2"

Suitable for a number of uses including – counter boring, centre punching, removing rivets, punching holes, clamping etc...

Wide variety of eyelet sizes to cater for all needs and requirements

10mm snap fastener for riveting and screwing

Comes in a plastic partitioned box for easy storage and transportation


• 1 x self grip plier
• 18 interchangeable punch an die heads
• Eyelets in various sizes
• 10mm snap fastener for riveting and screwing