Ez Drill Bit Sharpener with 1/4" Hex Shank 100 Grit Grinding Stone TE131

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Easy drill sharpener with 1/4" Hex Shank. Use this drill bit sharpener with your power drill to quickly and easily sharpen drill bits from 5/64" to 1/2" (2mm to 12.5mm)


Safe and easy to use with the appropriate built in guides
100 Grit grinding stone
Requires a power drill that operates between 2000 and 3500 RPM
Overall dimensions: 3 1/8"(L) x 1 9/16"(W) x 7"(H)
Angle stop degrees: 60º left

Accommodates the following sizes:

5/64" to 13/64"(2mm 5mm)
7/32" to 21/64" (5mm 8mm)
1 1/32" to 1/2" (8mm 12.5mm)