Fence Post Hole Digger Shovel Spade for Garden Fencing with Wooden handles

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Professional post hole digger for commercial or occasional use

Post hole digger

Wooden handled fence post hole digger

Suitable for digging fence post holes

Removes soil more quickly and easily than a spade

Produces deep, narrow and vertically sided holes requiring less concrete to fill in

Wooden handles or maximum strength and durability

Steel blades for cutting the soil easily and effectively

Makes short work of soil excavation and maintaining hole sidewall integrity providing the best lateral support for fence posts

Suitable for digging holes 6” – 7” in diameter


• Post hole digger
• Wooden handles to keep the item lightweight and efficient to use
• Suitable for digging holes 6” – 7” (150mm) – (175mm)
• Total length of the post digger – 154cm (1540mm)
• Total weight – 3400 grams (3.4kg)