Fireplace Heat Resistant Safety Gloves Gauntlets Log Wood Burner BBQ Grill

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Top quality heavy duty gloves.

Heat resistant so perfect for placing logs or coal onto the fire or handling metal tools that may have sat too close the the fire (short period of time only).

Designed as welding gloves they also make a very nice extra heavy duty pair of gardening or work gloves.

Protects your hands and forearms.

Suitable for welding / grinding / gardening etc...

Not suitable for use as oven gloves or for carrying very hot materials or for use in foundries etc...

Fully lined.

Designed to handle fuel and other objects near a fire.

CONFORMS to EN12477:2001 type A.

Minimum palm thickness 1.2mm.

Manufactured from suede for strength and durability.

Please Note These Heat Resistant and Not Flame Restisant.

Please Always Take Care When Handling Hot Items and When Near An Open Fire.