Flexi Head Large Ratchet Ring Spanner Wrench Set 13pc (8mm - 32mm) Metric TE314

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High quality ratchet spanners in large sizes suitable for everyday or occasional use.

Combination spanners with one open end and one ratchet ring end.

Flexi head design allows access where otherwise it may not be possible.

Fine 72 teeth ratchet mechanism. Only 5 degree of movement required to move a fastener.

Use the open end to break nuts and the ratchet end to ratchet the nut off.

All contained in a plastic wallet for easy storage and transportation.


8mm (total length 150mm)
10mm (total length 170mm)
12mm (total length 176mm)
13mm (total length 193mm)
14mm (total length 210mm)
17mm (total length 240mm)
19mm (total length 265mm)
21mm (total length 285mm)
22mm (total length 290mm)
24mm (total length 305mm)
27mm (total length 325mm)
30mm (total length 360mm)
32mm (total length 385mm)