Full Set Anchor Chain Rainbow Markers Red Yellow White Blue Green

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Size 6mm (70 Markers)
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A full set of chain markers for an Anchor Chain.

Full set with five colours allows you to mark a whole length of chain.

Markers quickly and easily push-fit into the chain.

Windless safe - the markers run easily though the gypsy.

Coloured markers are easy to fit and last for years - no more yearly chain painting.

Top quality markers, made in Italy.

Includes red, blue, yellow, green and white markers.

Pack sizes vary by chain size. The smaller the chain, the more markers you need to mark the same length.
6mm Chain - 70 Markers per set.
8mm Chain - 50 Markers per set.
10mm Chain - 40 Markers per set.
12mm Chain - 40 Markers per set.
Includes reference sticker so you can fill in what each colour means!