Half Moon Ring Spanners 5pc Metric Sizes 10-19mm Obstruction Bend C Wrench TE427

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This listing is for set of half moon ring spanners as pictured.

Designed for use in areas with limited access and where a standard spanner may not be able to get in, such as the top nut on an exhaust pipe or manifold.

Made from chrome vanadium steel.

Double hex (12 point) design helps the positioning of the spanner in even the tightest of areas.

Finished in a Satin Finish.

Supplied complete with its own canvas tool roll for compact storage and transportation.

Includes sizes;

18mm x 19mm Moon Spanner
16mm x 17mm Moon Spanner
14mm x 15mm Moon Spanner
12mm x 13mm Moon Spanner
10mm x 11mm Moon Spanner