Hand Held Lever Style Grease Gun with Flexible and Fixed Nozzle 140z Capacity

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Professional grease gun for commercial or occasional use

Hand held grease gun

Hand held lever action grease gun

The grease gun has a 14oz (400cc) capacity

Solid steel construction for strength and durability

Makes a messy job easy, efficient and clean

Suitable for use with all standard cartridges or can be bulk packed (dual use as a plunger)

Metal handle with rubber cover for strength as well as comfort and grip when using the lever

Long lever allows minimal movement in one pump

Comes with both a solid and flexible nozzle allowing access to more restricted areas

Both the rigid and the flexible nozzle have grease nipple attachments on so no need to change between the two

Total length of the fixed nozzle - 170mm (from end to end)

Total length of the flexible nozzle - 310mm (from end to end)


1. Standard 14ox cartridge
2. Pressure filler
3. Bulk 400cc