Handheld Vacuum Pump Tester Brake Bleeder Bleeding Fluid Kit 21pc

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

-Checks Vacuum / Pressure operated automotive components

-Can be Used to bleed hydraulic systems or siphon fluids.

-The Vacuum pump allows one to test several vacuum operated systems like carbs, fuel pumps

Pump pulls out the fluid eliminating the need to use the brake pedal

-Bleed brakes and test automotive vacuum systems in the comfort of your own garage.

-This self-bleed hand held vacuum pump works on all vehicle makes and models and includes pump with vacuum gauge

-The hand held pump has a smooth action pull trigger that is as long as the length of the handle for your comfort and you instantly get pressure readings from the easy to read gauge situated at the front of the gun.

-Includes attachments to suit most vehicle types.

-Includes brake bleeding attachments.

-Contained in a blow molded storage case for easy transportation and storage.

-Gauge range -1 to 0 / 0 to 3 bar

-Dual scale Bar and PSI

-Comes witha full range of adaptors making the kit universal for most vehicles.