Heavy Duty 42mm Jockey Wheel TR006

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This listing is for a heavy duty 42mm Jockey wheel for trailers and caravans.

These heavy duty jockey wheels are made from thicker steel and is generally built to be much stronger than standard 42mm jockey wheels. They are the ideal replacement for the standard 42mm Jockey wheels fitted to many braked trailers and make an ideal heavy duty jockey wheels for larger unbraked trailers. In the photo it looks similar to cheaper 42mm versions but in reality it is a much stronger item.

High quality, OEM standard.

200mm diameter steel wheel with solid rubber tyre.

Sizes are as pictured, from the ground to the bottom of the handle it is 52cm when wound in and 76cm when fully unwound. (Please do confuse with descriptions that include the handle in the height measurement. This is the usable height distance)

This jockey wheel is not supplied with clamp because most of the trailers it will be fitted to are likely to have one built into the hitch. However if you need one or the one in the hitch is broken then we have suitable clamps available in our shop. We recommend TR025, TR026 or similar. The pressed steel clamps are unlikely to be strong enough for the type of trailer this jockey wheel is normally fitted to.

The diameter of the jockey wheel shaft is 42mm.

If unsure of if this is suitable for your trailer please see our Jockey wheel selection guide below or call us on 01782 642122.

Galvanised steel construction.