Heavy Duty Pruning Shears Hedge Grass Shears Gardening Set Cutters Trimmers

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Pack Size Shears
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Professional garden shears and secateurs for commercial or occasional use

This is a multi variation listing where you can decide to buy the shears on their own or the shears and some secateurs as well

Perfect to cater for all gardening needs and requirements including cutting bushes, grass and pruning plants and bushes


Heavy duty hedge shears

Carbon steel blade for strength and durability

Comes complete with an adjusting screw to make it easier for tighter depending on the job that you’re using it on

Tubular steel handles for maximum strength and durability as well as keeping the weight of the item down

Total length of the blade 8”

Total length of the hedge shears 21.5”

High comfort grips on the handle for maximum comfort when using


Perfect for cutting back or trimming bushes, branches, hedges etc...

Hardened steel blade, making it reliable and very durable.

Cuts plants with a clean precise cut.

Locking catch for safety.

Handles shape allows for hand and wrist protection, with cushion shock absorber and non slip coating.

Bright Orange Handles helps finding them easier.

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