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Air Brush Kit

Professional tool for commercial or occasional use. Popular with modellers, artists and for smart repairs to car and bike bodywork.
Gives fantastically detailed and intricate results for artists and modellers.
Fine spray allows perfect touching in of even the smallest scratch on bodywork repair.
Working pressure 1550psi. Normal operating pressure is 30psi.
Includes fittings for use with various air supplies. Can be fitted to a standard air brush propellant tank or it can be connected to a air compressor using the supplied adapter.
Paint flow and spray pattern are adjustable.
Includes full set of instructions plus cleaning manual.
1 x Air Brush
1 x 57ml jar with cover.
1 x 21ml jar with cover.
1 x standard propellant regulator valve.
1 x 1.5m Air Hose (vinyl)
1 x Air Compressor Adapter 1/4" BSP Female Air Inlet to 1/8" BSP outlet to the airbrush.

Artist Paint Brushes

Professional brush for occasional or everyday use
Soft brush for even spread of paint and for easy cleaning
Wooden handles for strength and durability of the actual paint brush
12pc Set Includes; Sizes:

Number 1 paint brush total length 280mm
Number 2 paint brush total length 280mm
Number 3 paint brush total length 280mm
Number 4 paint brush total length 280mm
Number 5 paint brush total length 290mm
Number 6 paint brush total length 300mm
Number 7 paint brush total length 310mm
Number 8 paint brush total length 310mm
Number 9 paint brush total length 310mm
Number 10 paint brush total length 320mm
Number 11 paint brush total length 320mm
Number 12 paint brush total length 340mm

4" Magnifier Glass

High quality magnifying glass with high optical clarity for easy reading of fine print.
Very popular for stamp and coin collecting, photo retouching, map reading and small engineering work.
100mm (4") diameter lens.
3 x magnification.
Total weight 170 grams

A3 Self-Healing Mat

A high quality cutting mat suitable for cutting, scoring etc...
Special non slip surface for cutting paper / card and other materials.
Ideal for model making and other precise jobs.
Triple layered construction and blade resistant core makes this a high quality durable product.
Self healing cutting mat preserves your work surface so you don't have to worry when using knives etc...
Pre-printed guidelines on two sides of the mat ensures accurate measured cutting.
A3 size (300mm x 450mm).

13" Maestro Tool Box

Forget running out to the garage every time you need a screwdriver and ideal for keeping different types of tools separate.
This high quality trio of tool storage boxes has endless uses.
This toolbox has a removable tray and a place in the lid which are ideal for screws, Nails, Fuses, Raw plugs and other small items.
The central compartment in each toolbox is designed for storing screwdriver and Tipped drill bits a great idea as these do tend to get lost.
The tool box has a durable carry handle that folds flat when not in use.
For security, the toolbox can be locked with a padlock (not supplied) using the bolt holes at the front of each lid.
-13" x 6" x 5" tool box
-Handle for carrying
-Plastic clip on lid
-Organizer built into lid
-Removable tool tray
-Polypropylene box

11pc Precision Screwdriver Set

A very handy set of micro screwdrivers for precision work such as model making, crafting and glasses repair etc...

Hardened and tempered steel shafts.
Includes sizes;
Phillips PH00, PH0 and PH1
Slotted (Flat blade) 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, 2.4mm and 3mm.
Scratch Awl (Point tip)
Magnet Screw Driver (A flat ended screwdriver for picking up small screws.
Supplied in a plastic storage case.
Screwdrivers vary in length from 70mm to 95mm.