Hozelock Jet Spray Nozzle Garden Hose Pipe Water Gun 3 Function Cleaning

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Pack Size Spray Gun
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Compact water spray gun with three spray patterns that is perfect for cleaning tasks.

The Jet Spray brings comfort to garden watering and makes it even easier to save water.

The new front trigger, ergonomic on/off lock button and flow control have all been located so they can be easily operated with just one hand, giving you instant access to all the features you need.

Made from high quality materials, the Hozelock Jet Spray comes with a quick connector for fast changing between watering tools and attaches securely every time, without leaks.

The On/Off lock holds the trigger down when watering for a longer time, so you don’t have to keep the trigger pressed. Now you can water a large area in comfort and without your hands getting tired.

The smooth flow control allows you to quickly change the amount of water being sprayed – push it forward with your thumb for maximum power, or pull it back to reduce water usage by up to 50%. By adjusting between a high power jet for cleaning, or gentle watering for flowers, you can choose exactly the right amount of water for every task while also protecting your more delicate plants.

Three spray patterns – Cone Spray for watering plants, Powerful Jet for cleaning and Fast fill for filling up buckets and watering cans.

Key Benefits Include:

Three spray patterns for general cleaning and gardening tasks.

Lockable trigger for comfort during extended use.

Flow control that adjusts the level of water sprayed.

Gun Type: Jet Spray

Spray Gun Usage: Cleaning, Watering

Spray Patterns: Cone, Jet, Fast Fill

Control: Lockable On/Off Trigger, Separate Flow Control

Material: Plastic

Available as: Spray Gun, Spray Gun & Aqua Stop Fitting or Spray Gun & 3 Fittings.