HSS Drill bits set 170pc metric sizes 1mm - 10mm steel wood plastic BERGEN AT251

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

We use these sets ourselves in our trailer manufacturing company.

HSS for strength and durability.

Split point drills for accurate and precise work

SET Includes; SIZES

1mm (x 10), 1.5mm (x 10), 2mm (x 10), 2.5mm (x 10), 3mm (x 10), 3.5mm (x 10), 4mm (x 10), 4.5mm (x 10), 5mm (x 10) 5.5mm (x 10), 6mm (x 10), 6.5mm (x 10), 7mm (x 10), 7.5mm (x 10), 8mm (x 10), 8.5mm (x 5), 9mm (x 5), 9.5mm (x 5) and 10mm (x 5).

All High speed steel drills so suitable for most materials including steel / aluminium / copper / wood / plastic etc...

Comes in a fully marked metal tin for easy storage / transportation and easy finding of the correct size drill.