HSS Mini Circular Saw Discs Cutters Cutting Tools Rotary Blades 6pc 22 - 44mm

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Professional HSS Mini Saw discs for commercial or occasional use

6pc HSS saw discs

Ideal for precision cuts in a number of materials including wood and plastic

Endurance blade offers faster cutting and extra long life for hobbyist

Suitable for craft / air fix / modelling and home repairs

Precision ground teeth

Extra thin blade provides precision cuts with a minimalistic removal of material

Cut ranges from 0.4mm to 0.8mm

Comes complete with mandrel with 3.2mm shank so suitable for use in most rotary tools

These 6 HSS cutting discs are constructed of high carbon steel for strength and durability

Maximum speed 20,000 RPM


1. 1 x 22mm (diameter) x 0.4mm (thickness) x 6.35mm (internal bore
2. 1 x 25mm (diameter) x 0.5mm (thickness) x 6.35mm (internal bore
3. 1 x 32mm (diameter) x 0.6mm (thickness) x 6.35mm (internal bore
4. 1 x 35mm (diameter) x 0.7mm (thickness) x 6.35mm (internal bore
5. 1 x 44mm (diameter) x 0.8mm (thickness) x 6.35mm (internal bore
6. 1 x 3.2mm shank mandrel