HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.4mm & Inline Moisture Trap / Pressure Regulator

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This listing includes:

1 x 600ml LHVLP Gravity feed spray gun 1.4mm

1 x 1/4" BSP In Line Moisture Trap

1 x 1/4 BSP Air Line Pressure Regulator/Water Trap.

Spray Gun

Includes adjustments for the needle (paint flow), the fan, and an adjustment for fine tweaking of the air pressure.

Nozzle Size 1.4mm

Operating pressure 2050psi.

Air consumption 8.8cfm.

1/4" Male thread air inlet.

Pattern (fan) width approx. 190mm.

Non-drip, translucent nylon paint pot with 600ml capacity.

Inline Moisture Trap

Prevents water from the Airline or Compressor contaminating paintwork

Includes Condensation discharge valve

Filters dust, Oil and water condensation

Filters Airborne solid contaminants such as pipe scale, rust, condensation from airlines

Standard 1/4 thread will fit most spray guns and airlines

Rated Pressure: 1-9kg/cm2

Max. Pressure: ≤9.9kg/cm2

Port size: 1/4" BSP

Overall length 90mm

Air Line Pressure Regulator

A high-quality airline filter regulator with built in water trap. This unit regulates the air quality and pressure coming from your compressor.

Better regulation of air pressure gives air tools more consistent performance and is absolutely essential when spraying.

Built in filter / Water trap to remove large particles and grit that cause excessive wear to air tools / remove any condensation that may form in the compressors tank.

Working pressure 154psi (10 Bar).

Maximum operating temperature; 60 degrees.

Easy to use drain off valve.

1/4" BSP Fittings.

Regulator Capacity 150ml.