Hydraulic 10 ton Gear Bearing Puller Separator Hubs Flanges Gears 2 3 Leg AN013

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Professional 10 ton hydraulic gear / pulley puller and bearing separator set (25pc).

Suitable for professional use.

10 ton hydraulic ram with tommy bar, enough force to remove most stubborn bearings, pulleys and shafts.

Suitable for pulling / splitting hubs, flanges, gears and bearings etc...

Suitable for internal and external applications.

Six position multi function puller with adjustable two or three leg function

Allows bearings / gears to be removed with minimal effort by use of the hydraulic puller

Forged steel yoke and arms for strength and durability.

Can be used as a 3 or 2 leg puller.

Supplied in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation.

SET Includes;

1 x Hydraulic Ram 10 Ton
3 x Puller Legs
2 / 3 leg puller yoke
6 x link plates
6 x nuts and washers
1 x nose adaptor