Injection Pump Adapter Timing Tool VW Audi 3 In 1 Bosch VE Fuel US PRO AT499

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This Tool is used for the accurate setting of the Bosch diesel fuel injection pump timing.

The holder screws into the back of the injection pump, giving a dial indicator reading (Not Included) necessary for setting the correct pump timing.

VW and Audi engine codes: 1V, 1Z, AAB, AAZ, ACV, AHU, ALH, AWP, AWV, CS, CY, DE, MD, ME, MF.

Other applications

-Volvo 19811986 6 cylinder 2.4L diesels.

-Volvo Marine diesel (Penta).

-BMW diesel engines found in pre 1993.

-BMW diesel vehicles and BMW engines found in some RVs (Vixen).

-19891994 Dodge 6 cylinder 5.9L diesels.

-Will work in place of Volkswagen tool 2066.


-The two main pieces are approx. 8 x 1.0mm.

-The black adapter is 10 x 1.0.

-The silver adapter is 12 x 1.25.

-Essential service tool.