Large Expanding Wooden Drain Plug Emergency Bung Wood Hole Yacht Boat

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High quality emergency bungs / plugs in large sizes.

Ideal for emergency sealing of lost drain plugs, sheared seacocks, lost seacocks (corroded outer face) , lost propshafts etc...

Can also be used to temporarily plug broken hoses such as engine raw water intakes, toilet flush intakes, sink drains etc...

Precision machined and tapered for a tight fit. Just knock into the hole with a solid object or boot!

Fully Kiln dried softwood will quickly suck up water and expand to provide a very tight seal, reduces most leaks to a slow drip.

Includes 9 Bungs in 3 overlapping sizes. Suitable for holes from 8mm to 50mm diameter.

Suitable for use on most hull types including GRP, Steel, Aluminium and Wooden Construction.

Not suited as a permanent stop gap in traditional wooden boat construction.