Large Pink DogMaze Food Maze Slow Feeder Bowl For Dogs Over 10kg 16x41cm

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Does your dog have a habit of gulping their food down in seconds and then spends the next hour hiccupping?

Then this Dog maze is an essential for your dog household.

This Dogmaze helps stimulate all the senses of the dog and prolong the meal substantially as they have to work out how to get their food out.

Start the fun by dropping some treats into the deep and curved tracks and watch your dog use their nose, tongue, and paws to chase the food down the channels to the exit points. The dog can easily see smell and even touch the food but has to mobilize its intelligence to push the food to the exit holes for eating. As your dog can see and smell the food this helps to keep them motivated to keep trying until has totally emptied the Dog Maze and you will get a healthier and more energetic dog.

Note: This toy is durable but not indestructible, remove immediately if it becomes damaged.

Safety Advise: For your pet’s safety examine the toy from time to time for wear and replace it when appropriate. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys.