LCD Digital Display Dual Head Tyre Inflator with Push on Connector 0 - 195 PSI

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Digital LCD Display tyre inflator

Complete with plastic front instead of glass so wont shatter if dropped

Manufactured from zinc alloy with chrome plated for strength and durability as well as rust and corrosion resistance

Easy to read LCD Display

On / off button to preserve battery life

Push or pull adapter on the end for hard to get at tyres (for example twin rear tyres on a lorry)

Rubber coating around the gauge head for added strength and resistance if dropped

Pressure release valve on the tyre inflator if you put to much pressure into the tyres

Powered by 3v Lithium Batteries (these are included)


- Pressure scale range - 0 - 199.5psi
- Tolerance +/- 0.5 psi
- Air inlet - 1/4 BSP
- Operating pressure - 120 psi
- On / off Button