Lock Wire Lockwire Twist Twisting Pliers + 125 Metres 0.8mm Stainless Steel Wire

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This listing is for both lock wire pliers as well as stainless steel lock wire


Professional pliers for commercial or occasional use

Safety lock wire pliers

For wire locking fixings in safety critical applications

Multi function pliers / wire twisters

Heavy duty locking jaws

Robust construction with spring return

Total length of the pliers 8-1/2" / 210mm

As well as twisting the wire they also have a built in cutter / snips


Professional lock wire for commercial or occasional use

Stainless steel lock wire

Twist safety wire

Also used to secure oil drain plugs, filters, grips and bolts etc...

High melting points so perfect for use around engines and other areas that get hot around a vehicle / machine

304 stainless steel

Stainless steel annealed wire

0.8mm stainless steel lock wire so strong enough not to break but small and fine enough to twist making it easy to use / apply

Total length of the lock wire 125 metres (approx)

Comes all on a spool for easy rewind / use as well as storage to prevent the item form going everywhere and getting knotted

Stainless steel wire allows it to stay the shape that you twist it to

Also useful for tying back plants and bushes

Stainless steel wire so waterproof so can be used outside as well as inside