Log Wood Splitting Wedge Split Splitter Chisel Chopper Axe 6lb 2.72kg

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Suitable for splitting tough, oversized or irregular shaped logs

Drop forged carbon steel hardened and tempered for strength and durability

Suitable for use with sledge hammer

Can be hit with sledge hammer or maul to split the logs and stumps

Total length of the log splitter - 260mm

Total width of the log splitter - 50mm

Extra wide chisel for maximum impact with regards to splitting the logs

Pointed chisel for easy insertion into logs

Large hitting surface for accurate striking each time you use the item

Extra long splitter to keep your hands away from the chisel end when striking with the hammer (so to prevent damage to yourself either end of the tool)

Total weight of the log splitter 6lb / 2.72kg