Loose Mini Rotary Polishing Cleaning Buffing Bonnet Set 3.1mm Mandrel

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Pack Size 4 Polishing Wheels
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Professional polishing bonnet set for commercial or occasional use

4 different types of polishing wheels

Rotary tool polishing bonnet set

Assorted polishing bonnets to cater for all different needs and requirements

Complete with individual fixed mandrels

Assorted polishing bonnets to cater for different needs and requirements

Mounted loose leaf buffing wheels for cleaning and polishing

Suitable for use on metals, alloys, ceramics, tiles, stone, glass, plastics and fibreglass

Compatible with most brands of mini tools such as Dremel, Black and Decker etc...

Will fit virtually all rotary type tools

Perfect for hobby work such as model making etc...

Suitable for polishing all small areas

Perfect for intricate work


• Polishing Bonnet set
• 4 different fabrics for different jobs
• Diameter of the mops – 20mm
• Mandrel size – 3.1mm
Maximum RPM – 28000
• Assorted grit (4 different styles)

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