M8 Stainless Steel Bolt On Antiluce Fastener 38mm Thread Tailgate Trailer

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Pack Size 1 x Antiluce Fastener
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Professional Anti-Luce fasteners for commercial or occasional home use

M8 x 38mm Antiluce fastener

Stainless steel Antiluce so can be used on marine applications as wont rust and rot

Bolt on Antiluce

Threaded all the way down to the end of the Anti-luce

A Secure and robust solution allowing ease in and out of a locked position

8mm Antiluce complete with stainless steel Nut and washer

Suitable for securing lorry side and tail boards on trailers, horse boxes, transit crates, lockers and a vast range of other machinery and marine use

Ideal for use with trailer tailgates

Manufactured from Stainless steel for maximum strength and durability

Extra long thread for access in restricted areas or for use on thicker surfaces / materials


• Antiluce fastener
• Type – Bolt on Antiluce
• Shank diameter – M8 / 8mm
• Total length – 38mm
• Total threaded length – 38mm
• Complete with stainless steelnut and washer
• Handle dimensions – 15mm x 50mm
• Head size – Approx – 15mm
• Boss diameter – 12mm
• Material - Manufactured from CR-v Steel
• Finish – 304 stainless steel

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