Magnetic Spray Can Holder Storage Organiser For 3 Cans + 7 Screwdrivers

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Magnetic spray can / aerosol holder

Attaches easily to any toolbox / metal surface

Will hold 3 aerosol cans with a maximum diameter of 70mm

As well a holding aerosol cans there is slots at the front as well to hold either 7 screwdrivers or 7 circular diameter items (these vary from width from 5mm to 12mm)

Metal construction for strength and durability

Powder coated black to prevent rust and corrosion resistance

Comes with 8 rubber coated magnets on the back of the item for maximum grip but as well as this with them being rubber coated they wont scratch the surface that you are attaching them to

Dimensions of the spray can holder 30cm (length) x 13cm (width) x 13cm (height)