Magnetic Tool Tray Storage Holder Set Side Shelf Tool Box Cabinets 4pc Set

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Professional tool tray set for commercial or occasional use

Magnetic tool tray set

Four different sized trays for efficient storage of tools of different sizes

Magnetic backs on the trays so will stick to the side of tool boxes / or metallic work surfaces

For additional storage of small components parts during strip down or for specialised containers

Rubber coating on the magnets prevent scratches

Manufactured from steel for maximum strength and durability

Powder coated finish for rust and corrosion resistance

Removable and portable

Suitable for holding tools and small parts

Attaches to any steel or flat surfaces


• 310mm (length) x 120mm (height) x 125mm (width)
• 270mm (length) x 120mm (height) x 125mm (width)
• 210mm (length) x 120mm (height) x 125mm (width)
• 155mm (length) x 120mm (height) x 125mm (width)