Marking Layout Measurement Engineers Kit Ruler Scriber Set Square Protractor 5pc

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Professional marking and layout complete kit to cater for all needs and requirements

Set includes the majority of tools for drawing, marking and layout.

5pc set square kit

Set includes an Engineers scriber, 12” ruler, metal protractor and 6” and 12” set square


Professional scriber for commercial or occasional use

225mm engineer’s scriber

Suitable for marking or scoring metal, laminates, plastics and other materials

Knurled aluminium grip for balance and control

Double ended scriber one has a straight end and the other end has a 90 degree bend.

Handy scriber in the shape / form of a pen

Hardened steel tips for maximum strength and durability

Total length of the tool 225mm


12” Stainless steel ruler

12” ruler graduated in both metric and imperial measurements

Ideal for drawing or craft work

Complete with conversion chart on the rear of the ruler

Comes with a handy drilled hole at the top for neat storage

Total width of the ruler

Photo etched markings so they wont rub off for long term use

Stainless steel so easy to wipe clean after use


Metal engineers protractor

Includes depth gauge scale measuring up to 150mm

Suitable for angle measurement and transfer

Metric and imperial markings

Made from stainless steel for maximum strength and also to allow for it to be wiped clean easier


6” and 12” set squares

One small and one large set square to cater for all needs and requirements

Perfect for drawing, marking, checking etc...

Built in spirit level also allows checking if things are vertical / level etc...

Perfect for when installing posts, columns etc...

Stainless steel blade for maximum strength and durability

Clear and easy to read markings

Etched markings so won’t rub off and are clear to read

Many uses and applications 45 degree level, height gauge, marking gauge, outside try square and spirit level

Brass adjustment screw to lock into place when needed to