MDPE Water Pipe Connector Tee T Piece Connector Fitting 32mm x 32mm x 32mm

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32mm x 32mm x 32mm MDPE T Piece Reducing Coupler

Tee piece / reducing coupler

Connects 3 x 32mm pipes

A compression system for water systems and water pipes either inside or outside

Tee piece has 3 female outlets

Designed for use with MDPE (medium density polyethylene) pipe

Impact resistant nut and body

Can withstand high levels of thermal and mechanical stress - ideal for underground cold water systems


• MDPE Tee Piece
• Easy to connect
• Made from polypropylene
• 32mm Straight profile design
• 32mm downwards size of the Tee piece
• Pressure Rating: 16 bar.
• Safety Factor: 3.