Medium Small Animals Boredom Breaker Seagrass Play Tunnel & Chew Mat

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This Bundle includes:
1x Medium Small Animals Boredom Breaker Seagrass Play Tunnel

Break up your Guinea Pig, Chinchillas, Rats, Degus or Ferrets day up with this 2pack of fantastic play ‘n’ sleep tunnels made from natural seagrass that is safe to nibble and eat.

Ideal for play and sleep it helps your favourite small animals feel safe and secure.

They are made without any glue or wire and can be safely chewed, get wet and will last longer than their cardboard equivalents.

1x Chill N Chew Mat

Why should you buy a boredom breaker for your pet?

Small animals don’t always get as much of our time as other pets, so it’s even more important that they are kept mentally stimulated. Our boredom breaker range of activity toys helps to brighten your pet’s day by allowing them to exhibit natural behaviour such as gnawing, climbing or jumping, chasing and hiding and generally destroying things.


LENGTH: 13x13x24cm