Metric Allen Hex Key + Torx Star T Bar Sets 2 – 10mm T10 – T50 18pc

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Professional T bar torx and hex bits for commercial or occasional use

This listing includes 9 x Torx keys ranging from T10 – T50 as well as 9 hex keys ranging from 2mm – 10mm

T Handles

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability

Each of the items has a plastic handle for comfort and grip when using

T handle incorporates either a long Torx / Star bit and a short security torx bit

T handle incorporates either a long Hex bit and a short ball ended allen key bit

Comes in 2 separate boxes one with the allen keys and the other with the torx bits



• T10 x 100mm, T15 x 100mm, T20 x 100mm, T25 x 150mm, T27 x 150mm, T30 x 150mm, T40 x 150mm, T45 x 200mm and T50 x 200mm


• 2mm x 100mm, 2.5mm x 100mm 3mm x 100mm, 4mm x 150mm, 5 x 150mm, 5.5mm x 150mm, 6mm x 150mm, 8mm x 200mm and 10mm x 200mm

Comes in blow molded case for easy storage and transportation