Metric Box Spanner Wrench Bar Tube Tubular 8pc Spark Plug Set TE069

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Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability.

Zinc coated for rust and corrosion resistance.

Set includes 8 metric double ended box spanners and a tommy bar.

Double ended spanner so one spanner has 2 different sizes.

Comes in a canvas tool roll for easy storage and transportation.

SET Includes; SIZE

1 x box spanner 6mm x 7mm total length 112mm
1 x box spanner 8mm x 9mm total length 115mm
1 x box spanner 10mm x 11mm total length 127mm
1 x box spanner 12mm x 13mm total length 140mm
1 x box spanner 14mm x 15mm total length 142mm
1 x box spanner 16mm x 17mm total length 149mm
1 x box spanner 18mm x 19mm total length 163mm
1 x box spanner 20mm x 22mm total length 177mm
1 x tommy bar to suit all different size box spanners total length 172mm