Metric Box Spanner Wrench Tubular Torque Bar Set Plug Sockets 8pc 6 - 22mm

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Tubular box spanner set

Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability

Zinc coated for rust and corrosion resistance

Double ended spanner so one spanner has 2 different sizes

Suitable for a number of purposes including automotive repair, plumbing, maintenance work

Ideal for accessing nuts and bolts in hard to reach areas

Metric box spanners

Comes in a canvas tool roll for easy storage and transportation

Complete with tommy bar that is 167mm long so long enough for when extra torque is required but not to long that it gets in the way or restricts access


- 1 x box spanner 6mm x 7mm - total length 115mm
- 1 x box spanner 8mm x 9mm - total length 116mm
- 1 x box spanner 10mm x 10mm - total length 125mm
- 1 x box spanner 12mm x 13mm - total length 137mm
- 1 x box spanner 14mm x 15mm - total length 138mm
- 1 x box spanner 16mm x 17mm - total length 150mm
- 1 x box spanner 18mm x 19mm - total length 165mm
- 1 x box spanner 20mm x 22mm - total length 177mm
- 1 x tommy bar to suit all different size box spanners total length 167mm