Metric Dial Test Indicator > DTI Gauge / Clock Gauge Measuring Precision

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

A very versatile and useful tool for automotive and engineering use

So many uses from checking for play and wear in components, setting TDC to turning and other engineering uses

Measuring range 0 - 10mm

Steel body

Reading (increments) 0.01mm

58mm dial face is clearly marked and easy to use

Can be mounted with a lug on the rear of the dial or by holding the stem as pictured

Metal casting

Locking screw

On the back of the dial indicator is a tab with a hole for mounting onto the magnetic base

The dial indicator has a lock screw to tighten the bezel into position and a puller for lifting the plunger

There are two circlips on the dial that can be moved independently for use as a max and min range indicator.

Accurately measures small distances and angles

Metric dial gauge

Analogue display