Mini Hand Held Tube Pipe Cutter For Copper Brass Plastic 3mm - 22mm Plumbing

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Professional tube / pipe cutter for commercial or occasional use

Mini tube cutter

Tube cutter suitable for copper tubes / pipes, thin walled stainless steel tubes, thin walled steel, aluminium, brass tubes as well as vinyl and plastic

Small hand held tube cutter

Suitable for pipes ranging from 3mm - 22mm

Perfect for access into restricted hard to reach areas

Metal construction for strength and durability

Sturdy construction and hardened black pressure rollers provide excellent alignment to the tube and makes the item a lot longer lasting

Operating knob in the middle for easy and efficient adjustment

Broad precise cutter on hardened, non rotating axis guarantees perfect cutting each use

Specifically hardened cutter wheel in approved tough hard REMS die steel ensures added life

Hardened steel blade and two flare groove rollers