Motorbike Carburettor Vacuum Synchronizer Balance Gauge Tool AN062

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

-Tests both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps.

-Checks for worn or defective parts in fuel pump and vacuum system.

-Shock resistant and durable

-Diagnose improper timing, burned or stuck valves, leaking manifolds, improper fuel mixture, stocking choke and many more

-Suitable for use on most vehicles.

-Large 31/2" diameter gauge with colour coded easy reading scales

-Test pressure up to 10 PSI / Test vacuum up to 28" HG

-Extra long heavy duty rubber hose

-14mm and 17mm manifold adapter

-Brass quick release fittings for compatibility with most modern cars

-Supplied in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation.


- Spark misfires
- Poor engine compression
- Weak / rich mixture
- Ignition over advanced / retarded.
- Inlet manifold and carburettor air leaks
- Incorrect valve timing
- Poor fuel economy
- Balancing carburettors
- Turbo boost gauge
- Fuel pump testing


1. 4 x 3-1/2" synchroniser gauges with fixed plate (vacuum)
2. 4 x rubber pipes 8mm x 5mm x 750mm
3. 4 tubes of extensions 3.9mm x 52mm
4. 4 tubes 3.9mm x 122mm
5. 8 tubes of conical type connectors 8mm x 40mm
6. 4 tubes M6 x 0.75 – 10mm x 53mm
7. 4 tubes M6 x 1.0 – 10mm x 60mm