Nano Q2 Quiet Fish Aquatic Air Pump For Aquariums Upto 30L

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The Rosewood Nano Q1 Quiet Air Pump includes an air stone and 1m of Airline.

Air pumps are necessary to operate air-powered filters and ornaments or an air stone to improve an aquarium's oxygen levels and create a wonderful decorative effect.

However, traditional air pumps are noisy, not very compact and have parts that require maintenance or replacement.

Our Nano Q's are a new generation of air pumps which are ultra-quiet, super compact and lightweight and virtually maintenance free.

They even come with a length of airline and a high-quality air stone and are incredibly cheap to run being only 3.5 watts

The pumps can simply sucker to the outside of the aquarium to then run the supplied air stone, or be connected to a filter or air-powered ornament.

The Q2 for aquariums up to 120 litres (60 if operating a filter).

Unlike traditional pumps they don't suffer from the effects of back-pressure, so full output is maintained down to their maximum operating depth of 60cm.