One Man Car Brake and Clutch Bleeding Fluid Vacuum Pump System Bleeder

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Brake and clutch bleeding system

One man brake and clutch bleeding tool

Automatic operation means it is possible to bleed the brake on your own with no assistance

Bleeding requires no external power source for use

Simply fill the container and pump

Reservoir holds approx 2.5 litres of hydraulic fluid - you can flush the entire system with one fill, without any risk of running the reservoir dry

Pressure range on the container makes units suitable for use with ABS systems

Fitted with a 42mm cap with a 90 degree angled connector which is suitable for most European model vehicles


• Working pressure 2 BAR / 30 PSI
• Maximum pressure 5 Bar / 70 Psi
• Capacity 2.5 Litres