Orbiloc Replacement Straps for Dual Flashing/Solid Safety LED Light for Dogs

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Orbiloc Straps The Orbiloc Strap Kit contains the Orbiloc Rubber Strap and the Orbiloc Hook/Loop and is designed to be used with the Orbiloc Buckle.

Both Orbiloc Straps attach the Orbiloc Safety Light to any any pole, belt, strap, collar, leash as well as a variety of other objects.

Rubber Strap The Orbiloc Rubber Strap enables a very secure attachment of the Orbiloc Safety Light to any pole, belt, strap, bag etc.

You can also use the Orbiloc Rubber Strap to attach the light to your dog´s collar or leash.

The Orbiloc Rubber Strap is made from silicone that is very resistant to extreme environments and temperatures while still maintaining its form.

The friction of the Orbiloc Rubber Strap ensures that your Orbiloc Safety Light does not slide even with heavy movement.

The Orbiloc Hook/Loop Strap enables an easy attachment of the Orbiloc Safety Light to any pole, belt, strap or bag and makes it easy to move the Orbiloc Safety Light between your gears.

Simply slide the Orbiloc Hook/Loop Strap through the two slot openings in the Orbiloc Safety Light and wrap the Orbiloc Hook/Loop Strap around your item, then cut off the excess.