Oxygen and vacuum sockets spark plug thread chasers lambda sensor sockets AT072

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Suitable for Impact Use.

Suitable for oxygen sensors found on most modern vehicles.

Cut out and slots enable sockets to be fitted over wiring harnesses (enabling fast and efficient work)/

For removal, inspection or replacement of heated and non heated oxygen sensors fitted to the majority of vehicles.

Most popular vehicles that they fit include Audi / BMW / Mercedes / Peugeot / Renault / Skoda / Vauxhall / Opel / GM / Volkswagen

Suitable for Titania and Zirconia oxygen sensors found on almost all modern vehicles.

Comes with 2 x thread chasers for cleaning and repairing damaged threads.


Heat treated oxygen sensor socket 1/2" drive x 7/8" (22mm) x 50mm long
Vacuum switch socket 3/8" drive x 7/8" (22mm) x 31mm long
Vacuum switch socket 3/8" drive x 7/8" (22mm) x 6pt x 80mm long
Thread chaser M12 x 1.25mm
Thread chaser M18 x 1.5mm
Supplied in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation.

Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.