Pet Dog Travel Plastic Easy Fit Window Vent Guard Universal Vent Mesh

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Universal Perfect travel accessory to have in the car when on road trips or when leaving your dog in the car for short periods of time.

It can get very hot inside the car, especially when you get stuck in traffic during the summer. Dogs require proper ventilation in the car, as the sun is much stronger through the window.

The Pet Gear Window Vent Guard is the perfect way to make sure that your dog remains safely in the car without diving out of the window. The Vent guard is very easy to fit and requires no tools!

Designed to fit the majority of car side rear windows.

Concertinas to size of your window.

Simply wind your window up until the vent guard stays in place.

Measurements of each guard:

Folded height: 25cm

Folded width: 14cm

All measurements are approx.

This stretches to a maximum window width of around 26"

However, the window would only be open by around 4 " at this width

Please ensure a secure fit to prevent breaks or pet escapes

Note: cars become unbearably hot when parked even with windows left open. Never leave pets unsupervised in hot cars. Note: engage the child window lock when guard is fitted if available.

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