Pet Heat Relief Cool Down Dog Swimming Pool - Not Just For Dogs

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Size Medium 120cm Diameter
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Looking for a solution to manage the harm that might be done to your beloved pets or a large container to hold water, sand or sea ball for your kids to play with? Then this pool is perfect for you, your family and your pets.

It can be a bath tub, a container for water, sand, sea ball and toys for your pets and kids to play indoors and outdoors.

1.Versatile Pool- This pet swimming pool can be used both indoors and outdoors; not only a tub to bath your pets, but can be used for medicated bathing; can be filled with water, sand or sea balls to build a great entertainment space for kids and pets to have fun outdoors.

2.Simple to Use- No need of inflation, set up in no time. Easy to open and fold; a drain hole on the pool side for quick and labour-saving water drainage, just need to aim the drain hole to the sewer and open it, which can save you much trouble of cleaning.

3.Anti-slip & Wear-resistant -The material at the bottom is thickened; the bottom has the anti-skid and wear-resistant texture on the surface. It keeps dogs and children from sliding and makes the pool more durable.

4.Foldable & Portable - Pool drains and fold up and is easy to transport to bring with you and your dog everywhere. Can also be used as a dog pool, dog bath tub, outdoor water pond, fish pond, baby bathtub. Perfect to take anywhere!

5. Keep Your Pet Cool- Give your pet something to enjoy in the summer heat and its large enough for you to hop in as well acting as a mini pool

6. Selected Materials & Fine Workmanship - Made of scratch-resistant plastic/MDF there is No need to inflate the pool as its side walls are made from fortified plastic/MDF, reducing water spillage and preventing punctures.

Available in three sizes.

Small Pool Size : 20cm Height 80cm Diameter

Medium Pool Size: 30cm Height 120cm Diameter

Large Pool Size: 30cm Height 180cm Diameter

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