Plastic Pop Blind Rivets Fasteners For Plastic Riveter Gun 5.7mm – 7.0mm 40pc Set

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Professional plastic rivets for commercial or occasional use

40 x plastic rivets

Suitable for use on car trims, carpets, seats etc...

Used for a number of uses including installing flexible bumpers, wheel wells, licence plate bracket, carpets etc...

Ideal for securing splash guards, bumper covers

For use with plastic rivet guns

4 different sized plastic rivets to cater for different requirements and needs


• 10 x plastic rivets – 5.7mm x 19mm
• 10 x plastic rivets – 5.8mm x 16mm
• 10 x plastic rivets – 6.6mm x 26mm
• 10 x plastic rivets – 7.0mm x 18mm