Rat, Ferret, Chipmunk Boredom Breaker Cargo Net Climbing Toy 24x33cm

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Colour Brown, Green & White
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Designed for Rats, Ferrets and Chipmunks, the Rosewood Cargo Net is perfect for climbing and clambering fun that helps to provide you pet with physical and mental stimulation.

This unique cargo net can be used in a number of ways including joining two or more together for ultimate assault course.

From one side of the cage to the other to forma a platform or hammock.

With one end attached to the roof of the cage and the other attached to a side panel.

Hanging straight down from the roof of the cage to form a wonderful climbing wall.

Includes hooks at each sides of the net so that it can be easily fastened to the side of your cage.


Length: 33 cm

Width: 24 cm

All measurements are approx.

Why should you buy a boredom breaker for your pet?

Rats and other rodents don’t always get as much of our time as other pets, so it’s even more important that they are kept mentally stimulated. Our boredom breaker range of activity toys helps to brighten your pet’s day by allowing them to exhibit natural behaviour such as gnawing, climbing or jumping, chasing and hiding and generally destroying things.