Rectangular Plastic Oil Filling Funnel Transfer Fuel Liquid Pourer Variable Spout

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Professional funnel for commercial or occasional home use

Plastic square funnel

Oil funnel designed specifically for square and rectangular shaped bottles

Suitable for transferring liquids, such as water, oil, petrol, diesel and antifreeze

Manufactured from durable polypropylene

Extra wide mouth for easy pouring

Stops spillage when using

Makes it easier to pour out of jerry cans and other containers without spillage

Tapered spout for improved compatibility

Internal design holds inverted oil bottles in place

Spout securely sits into the oil filler cap


• Plastic Square Funnel
• Unique nozzle securely fits oil filters
• Internal design holds inverted oil bottle in place
• Strong durable polypropylene plastic structure
• Spout width – 35mm – 50mm
• Capacity – 0.6 Litres
• Dimensions – 90mm x 95mm x 160mm
• Weight – 80 Grams

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