Roof Vent Ventair Static Ventilator Closable Stainless Cover Boat Motorhome

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Classic Ventair Ventilator.

Designed for boats, but also popular as a high quality alternative for van conversions, motorhomes etc...

Provides excellent ventilation in virtually all weathers. In extreme conditions the vent can be closed for a 100% waterproof vent, but this is generally not required.

High impact white plastic construction with polished marine grade stainless steel cover - virtually unbreakable in normal use.

Can be installed as a fixed open vent or as a closable vent with the included shutter.

Supplied with mosquito net to prevent insects coming in (fitted in fixed vent applications, cannot be fitted with the closable shutter)

Includes stainless steel screws suitable for most applications. (we recommend these are changed for small M3 bolts where the vent is fitted in roofs less than 3mm thickness)

Includes foam sealing gasket.

Requires 170mm diameter flat area of roof to fit. The hole cut out in the roof is 100mm. Stainless steel cover is 23cm diameter. This can be left off if impact protection is not required.