Rubber Grommet Assortment 125pc Kit Car etc AST29

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

125pc kit of all different grommet sizes as well as blanking grommets to cater for all particular needs

Set Includes; Grommets:

15 x 3.18mm x 6.35mm
10 x 5.57mm x 7.94mm
7 x 7.14mm x 12.7mm
3 x 12.7mm x 15.08mm
6 x 9.53mm x 11.91mm
5 x 9.53mm x 12.7mm
3 x 7.94mm x 14.29mm
3 x 9.53mm x 20.64mm
4 x 11.11mm x 19.05mm
3 x 15.88mm x 24.61mm
2 x 19.05mm x 23.81mm
20 x blanking grommet 7.14mm
20 x blanking grommet 9.53mm
10 x blanking grommet 12.07mm
5 x blanking grommet 15.88mm
4 x blanking grommet 19.05mm
3 x blanking grommet 22.23mm
2 x blanking grommet 25.4mm

Comes in a plastic case for easy storage and transportation