Saw Horse Log Holder Wood Table Bench for Chain Saw Truncator Metal

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Winner of the Royal Highland Shows 'Technical Innovation Award' and the CLA Game Fair 'Best Product' Award.

Takes the hard work out of cutting logs.

Very easy to use; can cut up to 60 logs in 60 seconds both safely and with ease.

Adjustable for both height and log width.

No more bad backs! The bench can be adjusted for the best cutting height, and the tipping mechanism allows logs to be tipped straight into a cart, trailer or barrow without manual handling.

Save time by cutting multiple logs at once.

Foldable trestle legs allow for easy storage.

Cuts logs the same length each time, making them easier to stack.

Safe the secure cord helps stop logs spinning and flying out.

Even holds very bent wood.

Manufactured in the UK.

This listing is for a 4 fold trunator as pictured.